Nira AF-85 - Direct-Action Handpump

Internationally acknowledged to be the 'Best-Buy´ in the shallow well handpump category.

Today NIRA AF-85 is the number one direct-action handpump in Africa. It is meant to be used in the rural water supply where the static water level is less than 20 metres. With the help of highly professional NIRA handpump factory based in Tanzania, NIRA AF-85 is certainly the best alternative for shallow wells. This sound company can provide you with high quality, reasonably priced products and excellent after sales services.

NIRA AF-85 maintenance manuals in English and Swahili are available at here.

NIRA-AF85 woman  NIRA-AF85 family-getting water 


Some facts about NIRA AF-85 handpump:

  • Direct-Action means that the plunger is directly connected to the handle and thus no lever arm.

  • Pump body, base plate and standing plate are hot-dip galvanized steel, the handle is (Aisi 304) stainless steel.
  • All the below-ground parts are made of rust free materials. Both rising mains (Ø 63 mm) and plunger rods (Ø 40 mm) are made of HDPE plastics, cylinder parts are either HDPE or urethane rubber.

  • All the pipes are modulated, so you can select the total length of the pump installation at 0,5 mts intervals. • The plunger rod is buoyant so it makes the pumping very easy, even for children.

  • Two types of cylinders are available depending on the installation depth, 63 mm down to 15 mts and 50 mm down to 20 mts. Output varies between 24–33 lts.