Tanira Ltd. was established in 1992 and it is a Finnish-Tanzanian joint venture. Tanira's factory is located in Dar-Es-Salaam close to the international airport. Tanira Ltd. is marketing NIRA handpumps also to the neighboring countries (Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda and Kenya), where we have good representation.

Tanira's main customers are various water projects and organizations, NGO's, Missions, private people companies and farmers.


NIRA handpumps are manufactured in Finland by NIRA PUMPS Oy (former Vammalan Konepaja). Ever since 1919 our work has been based on high-quality products and modern production technologies. For Africa we have developed an African model, suitable for tropical environment.

NIRAs are manufactured and marketed by our subsidiary Tanira Ltd in Tanzania. Besides Africa, the most important export regions of Nira pumps are Scandinavia, Baltic countries and central Europe.

NIRA is one of the oldest Finnish trade marks, which is still in use. The ISO 9001 Quality certificate was granted for Vammalan Konepaja already in 1994 and the first environmental risk assessment was published in 1997. For more information on Nira, please visit our web page